Home of Winning Honor!

TCC Winning Honor (pictured above) is our newest longhorn herd sire measuring 92" TTT. He joined the Freeman Ranch in October 2017. There are only 3 bulls in the world with longer horn and the closest are within 3/8 of an inch. We are proud to provide seed stock to our valued clients. Contact us to reserve yours!


Also added to our Longhorns is KCC Dragonslayer (pictured right). 

Visit our Longhorns page for more information. 

Freeman Ranch Horses. Specializing in Blue Valentine Studs. Colorado
Freeman Ranch horses are offered to the horse community for ranching, riding, roping and many uses. Specializing in Hancock & Blue Valentine Studs, the goal for the Freeman Ranch is to produce horse with lots of color and conformation with big strong bones and a solid disposition. A multi-use equine that will move and serve the rider well. 

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