Mr. Happy sexed semen is now available

Freeman Ranch and Gwen Damato are proud to offer heifer sexed semen out of Mr. Happy for $250 per straw. 

Freeman Ranch and Gwen Damato own the JUMA over Pompous herd sire, and he is currently located at the Freeman Ranch in Yoder, Colo. 

 "Mr. Happy is 85” tip to tip and has more twist than any adult longhorn bull today.  On top of that, he is black hided and speckles to spare.  He has hip height and frame that will improve carcass weights on his calves.   Overall a top herd sire and for me truly a dream come true," said Russell Freeman.

For $250 a straw, producers have an 80%-90% chance of adding a Mr. Happy heifer calf to their breeding program.

Producers can take advantage of this opportunity by calling Russell Freeman at 719-338-5071, or by emailing 

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June 18, 2019
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Freeman Ranch brings longhorn producers together

(Yoder, CO - June 18, 2019) - Last Saturday, Longhorn producers from across the state gathered at the Freeman Ranch headquarters in Yoder, Colo. for the Mountain States Texas Longhorn Association (MSTLA) field day. 

Guests and MSTLA members enjoyed an educational Multimin presentation by embryologist Darrel DeGrofft DVM, which focused on nutrition and reproduction. Longhorn industry veteran Stan Searle gave a historical account of the Texas Longhorn breed, and longtime judge Gary Lake conducted a bull judging seminar.

Attendees also toured the Freeman Ranch corrals where they got an up-close look at Freeman Ranch's Winning Honor, the fourth biggest horned bull in the world. 

Freeman Ranch provided lunch, and the Edison Drylanders 4-H Club prepared and served the delicious meal. 

"We are honored to be allowed to host the 2019 Mountain State   Longhorn field day.   Dr. DeGrofft gave a nice talk about nutrition and improve breeding percentages," said Freeman Ranch owner Russell Freeman. 

"Jean Meinzer, Edison Drylander 4-H leader, provided some great food to feed our guests.  Thanks to everyone who came out."

About Freeman Ranch: 
The Freeman Ranch brand was established under the ownership of Russell Freeman's great grandmother Carolyn Freeman on September 30, 1899.

Today, Freeman Ranch is owned and operated by Russell and Jamie Freeman, and their three sons Whitt, Henry and Jack assist with the day-to-day ranching duties. 

The Freeman Ranch headquarters is located southeast of beautiful Colorado Springs; with part of the operation located in historical Kim, Colorado. 

 The well-known brand marks superior quality in both Freeman Ranch's horse and cattle operations. 



The Breeder's Connection 

Some people don’t speak highly of their in-laws, and some don’t speak well of Hancock-bred horses, but Russell Freeman does not fall into either category. The Colorado businessman, rancher and breeder of Longhorn cattle and Quarter Horses has been raising Hancock horses since 1994 when he bought his first stud horse and bunch of mares from his former father-in-law....

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DENVER - Elite Longhorn producers rolled into Denver on Jan. 25- 26 to showcase their prized animals at the National Western Stock Show. Freeman Ranch of Yoder, Colo., prevailed taking home several top honors in the National Western Texas Longhorn Show Non-Haltered divisions.... 

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Our horse trainer and horse "Stache" was featured on during the National Western Stock Show Longhorn drive in Downtown Denver.